Alef Carvalho and Heitor Madeira at Brazilian Studz

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Title: Alef Carvalho and Heitor Madeira at Brazilian Studz
Description: All the best days start with a little street cruising, right? Alef Carvalho is going to have a great day. Hes cruised his way along some gorgeous murals to find Heitor Madeira. From that first handful of big, Blatino dick, its clear hes scored. That handful becomes a mouthful and before long, Alefs jockstrapped ass is on display. Heitors a hands-on kind of guy. He makes it obvious where things are headed. That jock frames Alefs hole in a pretty tantalizing way and when Heitor starts smacking it with his cock, you will hardly be able to wait for him to climb inside. Right out loud I said, Damn! Thats a fat cock! Alefs tight hold makes it even more obvious that Heitors dick has some serious girth. That tight hole did its job, too. Heitor proves it by tagging Alefs back with his creamy load.
Category: Brazilian Studz
Added: 2011-05-27

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